AGNOSTECH is a consultancy firm specializing in the development and implementation of production and digital asset management workflows for the new media and entertainment industries through our stand-alone custom applications and toolsets integrated into SHOTGUN as well as existing proprietary systems.

AGNOSTECH is a consultancy firm specializing in the development and implementation of production and digital asset management workflows for the new media and entertainment industries through our stand-alone custom applications and toolsets integrated into SHOTGUN™ as well as existing proprietary systems.

Unbiased Solutions

Offering a unique approach to industry standard practices for the creative digital environment, AGNOSTECH provides full on-site evaluation and recommendations for existing SHOTGUN configurations as well as the end-to-end development of entirely new workflows and infrastructures.

We automate all processes that do not necessitate human interaction, build notification systems and design customized department specific UI’s that create a seamless and fluid exchange of critical data between departments. And by forecasting storage, render farm and network requirements for your organization we can design and implement infrastructures that completely overhaul existing and outdated workflows to eliminate any inefficiencies and increase productivity.

AGNOSTECH’s fully customized implementations create a fully structured and optimized production and digital asset management (DAM) environment that maximizes productivity and allows organizations to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving digital media industry.

Unbiased Perspective

In today’s digital media environment the requirements for each company are unique and creating efficient custom-built workflows with SHOTGUN for all of those requirements is both difficult and not easily accomplished. AGNOSTECH understands this problem and we have developed simplified solutions and practices that create a unique SHOTGUN experience for each organization and provides a platform for individual growth, 24/7.

By its very nature, AGNOSTECH is not bound by singular workflow ideologies or methods. Our principal goal is to guide organizations at every stage of development, providing the most efficient steps possible to meet their specific requirements. We approach each development scenario individually, giving clients the precise workflow they want without any compromises or restrictions imposed by software companies. We also function as intermediaries to software developers, providing both growing and established companies the full support required to build the tools they need. True Unbiased Development.

Unbiased Results

A Developmental Road Map


The first step begins with our onsite evaluation of a facilities’ existing digital production workflow and general team practices. During this initial phase we meet with key personnel from each department to discuss specific requirements as well as future direction of the company. Our initial blueprint factors in growth which allows for our implementations to expand as an organization grows.


From the initial assessment period, we provide detailed evaluation reports outlining concerns and suggest new workflow strategies to increase efficiency and maximize productivity based on an organization’s individual requirements. We also provide a series of detailed timelines on how realistically you can achieve increased efficiency and productivity within your organization using our practices.


As each organization’s unique requirements continue to expand and modify during the development phase, we continue to closely collaborate with all departments during every stage of implementation. We find that close collaboration throughout the development process is the most efficient method to continually test, modify and implement standardized production practices and custom toolsets to give organization’s the precise workflow they envisage without compromise.



Consistent flow of data across all departments is crucial to efficiency for any organization. We standardize and automate all aspects of production and data management, including digital asset publishing procedures, encoding of materials, standardizing file naming conventions and data types, editorial integration and auto-conforms, review procedures using SHOTGUN Playlists and RV / Screening Room, departmental note distribution via the SHOTGUN Notes App and custom toolsets designed to bridge any critical information gap.


To give organizations the precise workflow they require, we fully customize the SHOTGUN UI to ensure all data is clearly and precisely displayed and build department specific Home Pages which provides each user a single information hub pertaining to their specific tasks and allows for automatic notifications between dependent departments. We build custom applications and toolsets for existing industry standard packages such Maya, Nuke, Houdini, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects, Flash and proprietary software as well as integrating these with SHOTGUN and Deadline.


By creating a fully customized and optimized digital production environment, your organization will benefit from a seamless exchange of data between dependent departments whereby clear and concise procedures for relaying essential information eliminates all human error and costly repetitive tasks. The end result will not only increase efficiency and maximize productivity within your organization but will also increase profitably for your projects.

Unbiased Support

Training & Support

AGNOSTECH provides full onsite training and support for all departments using SHOTGUN. Our diverse and knowledgeable team of Producers, Pipeline TD’s and VFX Supervisors can create fully tailored individual and group learning and integration experiences that will ensure all team members are fully versed and comfortable using SHOTGUN as their primary information hub for projects, regardless of prior experience.

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